Sephi Bergerson 1SB4903 AboutMy name, if it isn’t obvious already, is Sephi Bergerson and I am a documentary and lifestyle photographer based in India since 2002.
I was a commercial photographer in Israel for more than ten years before moving to India in early 2002 with my wife, our 10-months-old baby, four bags and very little money, to follow my dream to be a documentary photographer. My work revolves mainly around the experience of travel and culture and I always try to balance my commercial shooting with personal work and photojournalism. This is how I create and develop a distinctive photographic language that combines my studio skills, my love for traveling and the lightness of a DSLR camera.
My commercial work has always influenced my personal projects that in turn helped me create new ideas that could be included into my new commercial work. I got into wedding photography when I started working on my book; ‘Just Another Indian Wedding’ (To soon be published with HarperCollins) in October 2007. Working on this book I have arguably witnessed and documented a bigger variety of Indian weddings than any other person on earth.
I am now available for a small number of wedding photography assignments every year. I devote extreme care and attention to each couple with whom I work and get to know you as a friend. I work with you to develop photography services that will truly reflect who you are as a couple and what your day will be.
As important as all the above must be, I am sure it is much more interesting to know that I started getting bald at twenty-three so decided to shave my head. I keep a small French beard because I feel the white hair makes me look distinguished. I’ve always been a trekky. My Mac is called Locutus of Borg. When I bought my first digital camera I had to sell my film camera as I needed money. I love Italian opera. I used to tend bar in the village in NYC in 1987. Drove a Kawasaki KZ750 across the US from NY to Vancouver and down to San Francisco. I used to say I’d go anywhere in the world to see the Rolling Stones in concert before it is too late but I’m happy to have done it now (With my daughter Liah at London’s Hyde Park on July 2013). I Love the desert and going camping. I’m pure vegetarian. Love company but enjoy solitude. Can’t fit into boxes. Always engaged in a long-term personal project. Consider a stand-up comedy gig. Enjoy food and cooking although it doesn’t show. I am married to the most beautiful woman in the world and am still in love with her (most of the time) even after more than fifteen years. We live in an old Portuguese villa in Goa and have three amazing girls at home. Life is pretty awesome.I most definitely look forward to hearing from you . .



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